About J89

“J” is a De-code for a batch of rare irish oak casks that was handcrafted immaculately in the year 1989. These two-decade old barrels are the same in which the malt of J89 has been mellowed and matured, giving it its woody aroma. The peaty taste simulates the subtle lapsang souchang and the triple distillation ensures every drop is exceptionally smooth. This vintage malted Whiskey of the single barrel class is married with natural waters extracted from pockets 155 meters deep beneath the midhills of Nepal. It is this attention to the finer details, along with Nepal’s conducive geography, and the skilled craftsmanship going into every bottle that instills the exquisite quality of J89.


The purity of the natural waters un-bedded from the hidden pockets, hundreds of meters deep in the mid-hills of Nepal, sets the J89 apart. The mythical influence of these underwater streams plays a paramount role in giving J89 its pristine quality. It makes the J89 the austere elixir that it is. What you see is what you get, a dignified beverage with a smoothness and character you won’t find in anything else.