Truly understanding and experiencing a whiskey is a beautifully rewarding process; especially when there is so much effort put into giving it such unique and inimitable characteristics. Enjoying your J89 is a wholesome experience that incorporates your senses in an incredibly extravagant fashion.

The Whiskey

Nepal's first ever Single Barrel Malt whiskey that is Grown in Ireland and made in Nepal.


A warm, golden Topaz mingles with rich toffee hues that amalgamate to provide the sun-kissed yellow of the J89.


There's a drizzle of smokiness, followed by the unmistakable aroma of peat and the woodiness of the coveted Irish Oak cask.


The first hit of spiciness and cloves peter out to reveal the whiskey's core character. It tastes like a night where you sink into your own contemplation, sitting next to a cracking bonfire


Rich smoke on the finish builds to a crest and gently crescents into J89's delicate signature smoothness

Our Story

To know more about the roots of J89, we have to dial back the hands of time and travel to the mystical lands of Ireland.

500 years ago, Ireland was covered in ancient oak forests. The oldest of these is believed to be at Rindoon on the West Shore of Lough Ree on the river Shannon. In Elizabethan times, there was an insatiable need for oak to build ships for the English Navy opposing the Spanish Armada.

England turned to their new plantations in Ireland and stripped their dominion of most of the available oak forests to build warships. The average Elizabethan Galleon with a serviceable life of just ten years was built from over 4,000 mature oak trees aged between 80 and 150 years. A royal edict was issued by Queen Elizabeth the First, to strip Ireland of forestry in order to deprive the local Irish insurgents of shelter while at the same time providing oak for new warships.


j89 whiskey

J89 is Nepal’s first Single Barrel Malt whiskey.

Every drop reflects the passion and art that has been blended into the J89, promising a full-bodied taste, character and natural aromas that enhance your PALATE.

Grown in Ireland, Made in Nepal.

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